Reimagining what has gone before to produce devices that are simpler to use

At Atomo Diagnostics we are transforming rapid diagnostic testing with innovative, all-in-one test devices that offer best-in-class performance and excellent usability. We believe in always putting the end user first. Understanding their needs. Making it easy to test.

Designed for professional use and self test


Atomo’s Integrated HIV test

AtomoRapidTM HIV (1&2) was launched in southern Africa in 2014, where it has demonstrated overwhelming user preference and garnered support from frontline healthcare professionals for its ease-of-use and reliability.

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Innovative new rapid blood test to tackle tropical diseases

Atomo secured grant funding from the Australian Government to assist in the development and commercialisation of new rapid tests for the detection of dengue and chikungunya viruses.

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Desmond Tutu Clinic trial – a great result for self testing

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation conducted a study using the AtomoRapid HIV device to assess its usability amongst young people. The results were overwhelmingly positive and demonstrated that HIV self testing is highly acceptable for use by adolescents.

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The built-in lancet activates on contact then retracts cleanly and safely to prevent needlestick injuries and the risk of cross-infection.


Easy to use

Easy-to-use blood collection unit is designed to collect exactly the right sample volume, ensuring optimal test performance.


Reliable results

Test results are clearly displayed making it easy to read and interpret results.