Reimagining Point of Care Diagnostics

Atomo Diagnostics is transforming blood-based rapid diagnostic testing (RDT) with all-in-one test devices designed to simplify procedures, mitigate common user errors and enhance test performance.  Suitable for professional use and self-test applications, Atomo’s integrated RDT platforms offer unrivaled usability, safety and convenience.

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Integrated RDT platforms

Award-winning AtomoRapid™ RDT platforms remove the need for multiple test components by integrating features into a single device. With assorted functionality, Atomo platforms greatly simplify test procedures.

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Self-testing made simpler

With a built-in safety lancet, unique blood collection feature, single action blood and buffer delivery system, and interlocked user steps, Atomo’s Elion self-test platform provides unprecedented usability and performance.

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Custom device development

Discover how partnering with Atomo Diagnostics can provide an efficient and low-risk pathway from product development to commercialisation of your best-in-class rapid diagnostic test.

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Unmatched Usability

All-in-one, user-centred device design tailored for professional use and self-test applications.

Committed to Quality

 Award-winning devices manufactured to the highest international standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Efficient Development

Validated processes to accelerate device development from product design through to commercial launch.

 Latest Updates

 Press Release

2409, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Mylan Extends Commitment to Fight HIV/AIDS by Partnering with Atomo Diagnostics to Expand Access to HIV Self-Testing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

HERTFORDSHIRE, England, PITTSBURGH and SYDNEY, September 24, 2018 – Global pharmaceutical company Mylan N.V.(NASDAQ: MYL) and medical device company Atomo [...]


Strategic Partnership with Mylan NV Announced Today

September 24th, 2018|0 Comments

Today, Atomo Diagnostics was announced as a strategic partner to Mylan N.V. as part of the global pharmaceutical company's plans to commercialize CE-Marked in vitro HIV rapid diagnostic tests for self-testing in low- and middle-income countries. The self-tests, which [...]


OEM Feature: NG Biotech Case Study

From its impressive and newly expanded manufacturing plant close to the beautiful village of Guipry in northwest France, NG Biotech is rapidly scaling-up production to meet growing demand for its innovative products. The village setting [...]