Atomo Diagnostics Makes Waves on Sky News

Atomo’s CEO describes the company’s innovations in rapid diagnostics on Sky News

Atomo Group CEO, John Kelly, was invited to talk with Peter Switzer on Sky News on 25 July 2016 to discuss the company’s continuing success in the diagnostic technology sector.

Atomo has attracted high-profile support from investors and key global health stakeholders, including the Global Health Investment Fund that is backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As a consequence of this support, and because it has won several development grants and prestigious design awards, media interest in the company has grown significantly.

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators.  Mr Kelly was invited onto Sky News to discuss the innovative and multi-award winning AtomoRapid diagnostic rapid test platform and changing dynamics in the global diagnostics industry.

During the interview, Mr Kelly explained how the improved usability offered by its AtomoRapid platform is of benefit for both professional users and for self-testing.  Atomo’s device platforms can also be deployed as tests for assorted conditions.  This inherent versatility means that these point-of-care diagnostic devices can make a significant contribution to tackling some of the most serious global health challenges facing the world today.

Watch the full interview here.