Atomo profiled by the Australian Department of Industry and Science
dealflow magazine, August – October 2015

A simple blood test developed by the Australian company, Atomo Diagnostics, is transforming the way global killers such as HIV and malaria are diagnosed. The company’s AtomoRapid platform replaces costly and time consuming blood testing procedures with one easy to use device.

“We have combined a lancet (needle), capillary tube (blood collection and delivery) and test strip (diagnostic results) into one simple and reliable integrated device,” says company CEO John Kelly. “The healthcare professionals using it find it far more straightforward than the kits that they have been using, which require assembly.” Kelly, a product development engineer with over 15 years’ medical device company experience, co-founded Atomo Diagnostics in 2010 and is passionate about the company’s global health and commercial potential. AtomoRapid is proving itself in front-line HIV and malaria screening in Africa, where it’s reducing the high rate of, the potentially deadly, false negative test results produced by more complex in-field rapid blood tests. Atomo is also working on groundbreaking self-testing technology, which promotes early testing and user privacy. South Africa launch In mid-2013, the company launched AtomoRapid HIV in South Africa and it has quickly built an impressive customer base consisting of private health screening companies; large multi-nationals; South Africa’s two largest private health insurers; and its second largest pharmacy chain.