AtomoRapid™ wins Best in Show at MDEA

New York, USA | Atomo Diagnostics’ multi-award winning AtomoRapid™ HIV last night was awarded Best in Show, and the winner of the In Vitro Diagnostics Category, at the 17th Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA), held in New York.

The MDEA is the medtech industry’s premier design competition committed to searching worldwide for the highest caliber finished medical devices, products, systems, or packaging available on the market.

Atomo Diagnostics Founder & CEO John Kelly paid tribute to his daughter whose successful battle with a childhood illness was the inspiration behind developing a rapid POC or home-use blood test device.

The AtomoRapid™ blood testing platform can accommodate test strips for a wide variety of conditions from celiac disease, allergy through to infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV.

The device delivers better clinical outcomes for patients and health care providers by enabling simpler, safer and more accurate testing in the field or at home.

Atomo Diagnostics Founder & CEO John Kelly said: “Our company is delighted to get such global recognition for AtomoRapid™, a ground-breaking and revolutionary rapid diagnostic testing platform. We would like to thank the MDEA judges for selecting us for both these prestigious awards, our team around the globe, and our design partner, IDE for its excellent work in helping to bring this technology to market.

“We can now officially say we are best in the world,” said the Australian AtomoRapid™ team as they celebrated the awards.

Given its ease of use and simplicity, AtomoRapid™ HIV has the ability to materially improve both the uptake and reliability of HIV testing in the community and at home and we are committed to getting the product launched in the US and Europe. AtomoRapid™ HIV is currently available for sale in several African countries from our South Africa office.

One of the 12 industry leader MDEA 214 judges George L. Walls, director of product and market development for ZOLL, said of AtomoRapid™:

“The AtomoRapid™ HIV hits on all cylinders: a real problem creatively and disruptively addressed. Fast, low cost, accurate, and fundamentally changing the use and business model in this important space. It’s EPT for HIV. ”

The awards program celebrates the achievements of the medical device manufacturers, their suppliers, and the many people behind the scenes—engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians—who are responsible for the cutting-edge products that are saving lives; improving patient healthcare; and transforming medtech—one innovation at a time

“Clinical performance of standard test kits are proven in the lab, but serious concerns have been raised about in-field performance. This is down to their complex nature, requiring multiple components for the procedure offering resulting in errors, which in turn creates false diagnosis. For a disease such as HIV, this can have significant impact not only on the individual, but the community too,” said John Kelly.

About Atomo Diagnostics

Atomo Diagnostics is an award-winning Australian based healthcare company with a focus on product development and usability. Atomo develops and commercialises next generation solutions that address unmet user needs in the diagnostic industry.

AtomoRapid™ Malaria, the second test to market, will be available in the 3rd Quarter of 2014 and we plan to introduce additional tests in the coming 18 months.

The company is actively seeking partners for market entry into the US and Europe.

About the MDEA Program

The Medical Design Excellence Awards are presented by UBM Canon, the global advanced manufacturing and medtech authority, and by Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI), the industry’s central source for late breaking news, information, and business intelligence.The 2014 Medical Design Excellence Awards are sponsored by: K-Tube Technologies; Medical Packaging Community; Phillips-Medisize; Proto Labs; Stellar Technologies; and Teleflex Medical OEM.

Entries are judged by an impartial panel of medtech experts. Unlike other design competitions that are merely styling contests, the MDEA jury is comprised of a balance of practicing doctors, nurses, and technicians alongside industrial designers, engineers, manufacturers, and human factors experts. MDEA jurors comprehensively review entries based on the following criteria: the ability of the product development team to overcome all challenges so the product meets its clinical objectives; innovative use of materials, components, and processes; user-related functions improving healthcare delivery and changing traditional medical attitudes or practices; features providing enhanced benefits to the patient and end-user in relation to clinical efficacy; manufacturing cost-effectiveness and profitability; and healthcare system benefits such as improved accessibility, efficacy, or safety, in addition to providing attention to a critical unmet clinical need.

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