Award winning Australian healthcare company, Atomo Diagnostics, has launched its innovative all in one rapid HIV test, AtomoRapid™ HIV, at the 17th International Conference on AIDS and STI’s in Africa (ICASA), in Cape Town this week. The device significantly improves the ease of use and reliability of rapid HIV testing in the field, and represents a breakthrough for convenient testing for the disease in Africa.

Atomo has also announced the opening of its first African office in South Africa. Brad Mears, previously the CEO of the SA Business Coalition on HIV/Aids (SABCOHA) has been appointed to the Atomo team as the Managing Director of their Africa office. Brad held the position of CEO at SABCOHA for nine years and has been instrumental in the development of HIV strategies, the establishment of monitoring systems, and the provision of capacity building programs to the business sector in South Africa.

Brad Mears, Managing Director for Atomo Africa said, “Atomo will change the HIV diagnostics landscape in Africa, thereby helping people affected by this devastating disease. The benefits of ease of use & reliability that AtomoRapid™ HIV brings to testing will significantly improve patient outcomes and increase the effectiveness of these programmes.” Atomo is thrilled that Brad has sufficient confidence in AtomoRapid™ HIV test that he was prepared to leave SABCOHA to help deliver it to the African market.

Rapid testing is recognised as an increasingly important weapon in the fight to bring HIV/Aids under control in Africa and other high disease burden regions. Whilst the performance of most rapid HIV tests in the laboratory is very good, the use of multiple manual accessories complicates testing under real world conditions and typically results in a reduction in the accuracy of HIV testing in the field. Across Africa, these in field errors potentially result in several hundred thousand people being misdiagnosed with HIV every year.

John Kelly, the CEO & Founder of Atomo Diagnostics says, “AtomoRapid™ was developed to provide a better way to perform rapid testing in the field. AtomoRapid™ HIV can save lives by replacing the need to use a complicated test kit with inherent problems. This makes the AtomoRapid test a lot simpler to perform and removes the need for manual steps requiring extensive clinical training.”

To ensure superior performance, the AtomoRapid™ HIV product uses a proven HIV test strip that has been WHO pre-qualified and sold in the market for many years. Atomo now delivers this test in the field as a next generation solution specifically designed to meets user’s needs and reduce errors.

AtomoRapid™ HIV will be available to customers for regular supply in February 2014. We ask for interested parties to make contact with us on the details below to register interest.

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