Ideally suited for point of care testing, AtomoRapid™ HIV 1&2 requires only a small blood sample and gives an accurate result in 15 minutes – making testing simpler, safer and more convenient.

Frontline healthcare providers choose AtomoRapid™ HIV for its ease of use which helps to reduce user errors and improve test accuracy.


Featuring all-in-one convenience:

The user-centred design removes the need for multiple test components by integrating them into the device platform:

  • Built-in Safety Lancet – the auto-retracting safety lancet eliminates the risk of hazardous sharps injuries by locking the needle inside the device after use for safe disposal.
  • Accurate Blood Collection – the easy-to-use blood collection unit is designed to collect exactly the right sample volume, ensuring optimal test performance.
  • Easy Blood Delivery – blood is delivered cleanly to the test strip by simply rotating the blood collection unit. The test result is displayed clearly in just 15 minutes.


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