Reimagining your Rapid Diagnostic Test

Whether you’re planning to introduce a new test application or upgrade an existing product, partner with Atomo Diagnostics to create a best-in-class solution.

Excellent Usability

User-centred design tailored for professional use and self-test applications.

Proven Performance

Award-winning device platforms that mitigate user errors to give accurate results.

Efficient Development

Validated processes to accelerate device development.


Atomo Diagnostics offers an efficient and low-risk pathway from device development to commercialisation:

Choose an RDT Platform >

AtomoRapid lateral flow platform devices include patented technology and assorted features.

Customise the Device >

Devices are customisable to suit your requirements and modified to match the specifics of your test strip.

Manufacture and Launch >

From manufacturing process validation to post launch marketing, benefit from Atomo’s dedicated support every step of the way.


NG Biotech: Pioneers in blood-based rapid hCG pregnancy testing

An ambitious company intent on being a global leader in its field, NG Biotech identified a game-changing growth opportunity for its blood-based pregnancy RDT and partnered with Atomo to bring its new products to market:

“We value how Atomo is committed to designing products that work to eliminate user errors. We knew that this would be vital if this project was to attract professional users who need to improve patient outcomes, and to attract OTC home-test customers who currently have no choice but urine based pregnancy tests which have some limitations.” Milovan Stankov Pugès, CEO, NG Biotech

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