AtomoRapid Integrated Device Solutions

Our unique, award-winning AtomoRapidTM lateral flow RDT platforms are fully customisable to suit your requirements and can be adapted to match the specifics of your test strip. Our device technologies put the end user first, simplifying test procedures, mitigating common user errors and enhancing test performance.

Lance Finger

Collect Blood

Deliver Blood


Deliver Buffer

Read Result

All-in-one test device Greater convenience and usability
Contact activated, auto-retracting safety lancet Safeguards against needlestick injuries and cross-contamination
Controlled blood collection and delivery Simplifies test procedure
Improves blood volume accuracy
Delivers blood to the correct location on the test strip
Delivery of integrated buffer solution at the push of a button Guarantees correct buffer volume
Removes the need for separate buffer bottle
Fewer user errors
Interlocked, sequenced user steps Ensures compliance with test procedures
Fewer user errors
Digital reader & display Eliminates result interpretation errors
Improves usability
eHealth capabilities
Two test strips in one device Greater convenience and usability
Two test results from a single finger prick
Cost effective solution