Benefit from our Expertise

Atomo will partner with you to create user-centered solutions that will enhance your RDT offering, whether you are seeking to introduce new test applications or to upgrade and reinvigorate an existing product. We offer custom modifications of existing AtomoRapid platforms or bespoke product developments to meet specific requirements.

Global Coverage

With offices in Australia, the UK and South Africa and a US office planned, we are best placed to provide engagement at a global level.

Award Winning Design & Innovation

Analysis of user requirements. Concept feasibility studies. Development of functional prototypes to support laboratory and in-field evaluations.

Regulatory Affairs

Rigorous adherence to QA, Design Control. All custom manufactured device projects include the creation and maintenance of full technical and risk management files.

Project Management

Best-in-class project management and cross functional team membership to ensure your requirements are guided through the project steps with care.


Control and manage the manufacturing process from prototyping commercial-like product to validating and outfitting higher capacity assembly lines.

Quality System

We are committed to using high quality products and fully compliant to international medical device standards and certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.


Training for staff including product familiarisation. Training as per QMS procedure on relevant assembly and inspection instructions.

Assembly Documentation

Easy to follow assembly documentation. Instructions will be fully completed, reviewed and approved.