Atomo Diagnostics is a global leader in the design of medical devices for blood-based rapid testing for professional use and self-testing.

Atomo’s innovative rapid diagnostic test (RDT) platforms simplify procedures, mitigate common user errors, and enhance test performance.  Their unmatched usability has won the respect of frontline healthcare providers worldwide, and has made Atomo the OEM partner of choice for diagnostic companies wanting to enhance their RDT product offerings.

Unmatched Usability

User-centred design for professional use & self-test applications.

Proven Performance

Award-winning device platforms that are proven to mitigate user errors. 

Efficient Development

Validated processes to accelerate custom device development.

Integrated RDT platforms

Award-winning AtomoRapid™ RDT platforms remove the need for multiple test components by integrating features into a single device. With assorted functionality, Atomo platforms greatly simplify test procedures.

Self-testing made simpler

With a built-in safety lancet, unique blood collection feature, single action blood and buffer delivery system, and interlocked user steps, the AtomoRapid™ Elion self-test platform provides unprecedented usability and performance.

Custom device development

Devices are customisable to suit your requirements and modified to match the specifics of your test strip. From manufacturing process validation to post launch marketing, benefit from Atomo’s dedicated support every step of the way.

Atomo HIV Self Test

The Atomo HIV Self Test is now available in Australia directly from Atomo Diagnostics, and is the first and only HIV self-test to have been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Partner with Atomo for an efficient, low-risk pathway from product development to commercialisation of your best-in-class rapid diagnostic test.


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Atomo supplies unique, integrated rapid diagnostic test (RDT) devices to the global diagnostic market. Our devices simplify testing procedures and enhance usability for professional users and untrained self-testers, compared to standard multi-component RDT kits

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