Atomo Diagnostics wins Commercialisation Australia Grant

Atomo Diagnostics wins $249,992 Grant to develop blood test device for detection of infectious diseases, cancer and cardiac arrest

Australian health technology company Atomo Diagnostics is one step closer to producing the world’s first fully integrated rapid blood test device, MicroRapid, having been awarded a grant of $249,992 by the Commonwealth Government.

The innovative new technology, MicroRapid, is an easy to use, hand held device. This makes it ideal for medical practitioners to use in a clinical environment or for individuals to conduct their own blood tests at home.

Current blood tests using similar formats require the use of procedural kits containing five or six items and requiring complex handling.

MicroRapid can be used in a wide variety of clinical test applications including the detection of cardiac and cancer markers, common infectious diseases including HIV and Malaria as well as self screening for conditions such as Celiac, Allergy, Thyroid imbalances and Anemia.

Founder and CEO of Atomo Diagnostics, Mr John Kelly said the grant in addition to $390,000 in funding raised recently from private investors will enable delivery of finished product to four international companies that have already signed up to evaluate MicroRapid as their next generation test platform.

“This is great news for the healthcare industry both here in Australia and globally. We are proud to be pioneering such an innovative device that improves the ease and accuracy of rapid test procedures and will ultimately save lives”, said Mr Kelly.

“We would like to express our thanks to the Commonwealth Government and to Commercialisation Australia for their recognition of the significant clinical and commercial potential of MicroRapid.

“Without their support to develop new opportunities, it would be very difficult for technology businesses like ours to remain in Australia and continue to create world class products.”

Evaluations will be completed by April and the company is confident it will secure commercial agreements for MicroRapid later this year.

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