AtomoRapid™ on display at the Powerhouse Museum

AtomoRapid™ goes on display at the Powerhouse Museum, great achievement for Atomo Diagnostics & ide+

Atomo Diagnostics is pleased to announce that its AtomoRapid™ test device has gone on display at the Engineering Excellence Awards Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

Atomo Diagnostics together with its development partner ide+ were previously awarded a number of Engineering Excellence Awards last year, including winning the Small Business Award, receiving a highly commended in the Innovations & Inventions category and being presented with the prestigious 2012 Bradfield Award for the best in class across all categories.

AtomoRapid is the world’s first fully integrated rapid test device for blood based lateral flow applications. It replaces the need to use tests kits requiring multiple devices and can be used to support a wide range of rapid tests including tests for Infectious Diseases, Cardiac Markets and hormone conditions. The AtomoRapid device aims to bring the detection of a range of disease out of the laboratory and into homes, doctor’s offices and outreach clinics around the world. Atomo’s first product is a rapid HIV screening test being launched in Africa later in the year.

Atomo has previously received a Proof of Concept Grant from Commercialisation Australia which enabled it to undertake prototype development with focus groups and international target clients. The feedback was used to improve both the functional and aesthetic design of the product. The company recently applied for an Early Stage Commercialisation Grant to help support these final commercialisation steps.

AtomoRapid will remain on display at the Powerhouse Museum as part of the Engineering Excellence Awards Exhibition until February 2014 and is expected to be visited by more than 500,000 visitors during the year.

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