AtomoRapid featured in latest issue of Australian Biochemist

The December issue of Australian Biochemist is out and Atomo Diagnostics is highlighted in its Special Technical Feature on microfluidics and molecular diagnostic technologies that have revolutionised testing for infectious diseases and genetics.

Atomo is named as one of leading Australian companies working in this space, and cited as an example of platform innovation in microfluidics.  The article details the key features and benefits of the AtomoRapidTM platform, before focussing on Atomo’s pipeline developments and future plans, including further enhancement of lateral flow technology, development of alternative technologies, and expansion into e-health capabilities.

Here’s a snippet from the magazine:

Enhancements to lateral flow technology: Lateral flow tests meet many of the critical requirements for PoC testing, including being inexpensive, rapid and relatively straightforward to use compared to convoluted laboratory-based tests. Enhancements to lateral flow technology could provide further benefits, such as improved sensitivity and multiplexing.

Alternative technologies: Much like the evolution of lateral flow immunoassays, some of the more recent laboratory techniques are also being developed towards PoC settings in the form of lab-on-chip technologies, such as PCR. Usability of these emerging tools will be a key feature to their uptake and performance in their intended use. With Atomo’s expertise in user-centred designs, [its aims] to lead the industry in bringing new and accessible products to market.

E-health: Whether it is to monitor the outbreak of infectious diseases, such as Ebola or Zika, or to collate a patient’s data through mobile technology, the communication and interaction of electronic technology in healthcare is playing an increasing role. Atomo is designing its products with this in consideration, at both a consumer level and for healthcare systems. Atomo is doing this by digitising results and implementing connectivity whilst maintaining awareness of how this emerging trend is being received by regulatory authorities and consumers.


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