Awarded A$1.8 grant to develop HIV Self-Test

 Atomo Diagnostics is delighted to announce that the company has been awarded a grant of A$1.8 million (US$1.3M) from the New South Wales Medical Device Fund 2015-2016 for the development of a self-test for rapid detection of HIV. The Atomo HIV Self Test will be easier to use than any HIV self-test available globally, and will provide users with clear and accurate test results within minutes.

The NSW Medical Device Fund is an annual merit-based commercialisation programme run by the NSW Government Department of Health. The Fund helps to promote and support the development of new and innovative medical devices in NSW, with particular focus on technologies that have the potential to provide significant global health benefits.

HIV self-testing, where individuals can test themselves in private, offers a new approach that has the potential to substantially improve rates of detection and support early diagnosis. This will in turn help increase the number of people receiving treatment and help prevent further transmission. Investing in HIV prevention also delivers savings to clinical care costs, estimated in NSW to be a saving of $13 for every $1 invested in HIV prevention.

Atomo will use the grant to develop a fully integrated, all-in-one and easy to use test device that will include an in-built digital reader for reduced user errors and improved accuracy. Atomo is working with local HIV advocacy groups, clinical experts and user groups to optimise the solution for self-testing.

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