Contributing Critical Diagnostics in the Fight Against COVID-19

Atomo is collaborating with world-leading biotechnology and diagnostic partners to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The company – with its reputation for delivering user-friendly diagnostic test solutions for professional use and self-testing – is addressing the need for reliable, safe, and accurate rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) that can be used to monitor medical and non-medical workers during the ongoing pandemic or during subsequent waves, and to monitor the immunological status of the general population after social distancing measures have eased.

COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Tests 

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, in March 2020 Atomo announced its partnership with French in vitro diagnostic specialist NG Biotech SAS. The resulting rapid test –  NG-TEST® IgG-IgM COVID-19 All-in-One – utilises the integrated AtomoRapid™  ‘Galileo’ RDT platform for peerless safety and utility. 

The test is CE marked for professional use in Europe.  Each single-use, disposable test requires only a drop of capillary blood obtained from the fingertip and provides an easy-to-interpret result in just 15 minutes.

NG-TEST® IgG-IgM COVID-19 All-in-One is distributed in Europe by NG Biotech.

Unmatched Performance and Usability

The award-winning AtomoRapid ‘Galileo’ rapid test platform removes the need for multiple test components, eliminating user errors and improving test performance by integrating features in an easy-to-use device:

  • Built-in safety lancet – An auto-retracting safety lancet eliminates the risk of hazardous sharps injuries by locking the needle inside the device after use for safe disposal.
  • Accurate blood collection – The unique and ergonomic blood collection unit is designed to collect exactly the required volume of blood, ensuring optimal test performance.
  • Easy blood delivery – The blood sample is delivered cleanly to the test strip by rotating the blood collection unit, further simplifying the test procedure.

Small Drop of Blood

Only a small drop of blood is needed to get an accurate result. The lancet locks inside the device after use for safe disposal.

Easy Blood Collection

Collects exactly the right amount of blood, which is delivered to the test strip by simply rotating the blood collection unit.

Quick, Clear Results

Test results are ready within 15 mins and are easy to interpret. AtomoRapid makes point of care testing easier & more accurate.