Blood-based antibody tests for COVID-19

Existing laboratory tests currently used to detect COVID-19 typically use molecular assays (MA), often based on nasal swab samples. MA test for the presence of the virus at low concentrations enabling earlier detection, however they require sample preparation prior to running the test, and extensive automated laboratory equipment. These tests are limited by the availability of centralised laboratory equipment and consumables and as a result do not lend themselves easily to point of care and community settings.

While blood based antibody rapid tests require a longer period of exposure to the virus to accurately enable detection compared to MA, they have an advantage in that they can deliver rapid results, in as little as 15 minutes, and also can be widely deployed in the field without the need for expensive laboratory equipment or extensive clinical expertise.

Atomo commercialisation of COVID-19 opportunities

With an increasing reputation for delivering reliable user friendly rapid test solutions to market, Atomo was approached by a number of parties that have developed blood-based lateral flow rapid tests which screen for the presence of both IgG and IgM antibodies generated by the human body in consequence to the disease referred to as COVID-19. Atomo entered into a number of commercial discussions with these parties, the first result of which is the signing of a binding supply agreement with an existing French customer, NG Biotech, SAS (NG Biotech).

NG Biotech has developed a blood-based lateral flow rapid test strip which, on an Atomo device, is now CE Marked for professional use. Results are obtained from a drop of blood in 15 minutes and indicate if the person is infected or has been in contact with the virus.

In addition to the agreement referred to above and negotiations to enter into a further binding agreement for the on-going supply of Atomo’s products to NG Biotech, Atomo continues to have technical and commercial discussions with three additional diagnostic companies with respect to the further commercialisation of COVID-19 tests using Atomo’s devices.

Atomo’s rapid test device has already secured both professional and self-test approvals in Europe as an HIV screening rapid test and Atomo’s HIV Self-Test is the only HIV product approved in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for self-test use.

Small Drop of Blood

Only a small drop of blood is needed to get an accurate result. The lancet locks inside the device after use for safe disposal.

Easy Blood Collection

Collects exactly the right amount of blood, which is delivered to the test strip by simply rotating the blood collection unit.

Quick, Clear Results

Test results are ready within 15 mins and are easy to interpret. AtomoRapid makes point of care testing easier & more accurate.