Rapid Antigen and Antibody Tests for Detection of COVID-19

Atomo offers highly accurate diagnostic test solutions for screening for COVID-19 at the point of care. Results are obtained in as little as 10 minutes, without the need for laboratory-based testing.


Antigen and antibody rapid testing now available in Australia.


Performing antigen and antibody tests in parallel enables detection of current or prior infection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, thereby optimising population screening and patient triage programs.

AtomoRapid™ COVID-19 (IgG/IgM) Rapid Antibody Test

The unique, all-in-one point of care test for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 virus in whole blood, serum, or plasma samples.

Unlike standard, multi-component rapid test kits, the AtomoRapid™ COVID-19 (IgG/IgM) Rapid Antibody Test is a single-use, handheld, integrated device that is simple to use, safe, and convenient, giving an accurate result in just 15 minutes.

Unmatched Usability

The AtomoRapid™ COVID-19 (IgG/IgM) Rapid Antibody Test incorporates Atomo’s award-winning ‘Galileo’ integrated diagnostic test platform – designed and developed in Australia – for peerless safety and utility.

The Galileo platform simplifies the test procedure by removing the need for multiple test components, eliminating common user errors and improving test performance:

  • Built-in safety lancet – Auto-retracting safety lancet eliminates the risk of hazardous sharps injuries by locking the needle inside the device after use for safe disposal


  • Accurate blood collection – Unique, ergonomic blood collection unit collects exactly the required volume of blood to ensure optimal test performance


  • Easy blood delivery – Blood sample is delivered cleanly to the test strip by rotating the blood collection unit, further simplifying the test procedure

Clinically Proven

Developed in partnership with French biotechnology specialist NG Biotech, the AtomoRapid™ COVID-19 (IgG/IgM) Rapid Antibody Test has demonstration excellent performance in multiple independent clinical evaluations internationally*

covid19_performance data

* Van der Werf S et al (2020). Performance evaluation report for the detection of anti SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. National Reference Centre for Respiratory Infection Viruses (including influenza), Institut Pasteur, Paris.

Atomo COVID-19 Antigen Test

The fast, accurate point of care test for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigens specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Utilising nasopharyngeal or nasal swab specimens obtained from individuals suspected of having COVID-19, the Atomo COVID-19 Antigen Test is safe and easy to use, giving an accurate result in just 10 minutes.

  • Fast and easy to use in point of care settings


  • All-in-one test kit eliminates the need for special equipment


  • Used for nasopharyngeal and nasal swab specimens


  • Removes the need to send samples to a laboratory, enabling more prompt interventions to minimise onward transmissions

Available now in Australia

Entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, the AtomoRapid™ COVID-19 (IgG/IgM) Antibody Test (ARTG 341411) and the Atomo COVID-19 Antigen Test (ARTG 346587) are available now for use by registered medical practitioners; healthcare professionals in residential and aged care facilities; accredited pathology laboratories; Commonwealth, State, or Territory departments of health, and agencies acting on their behalf.

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