New partnership anticipated to transform the diagnosis of febrile ARIs at the point-of-care

Atomo Diagnostics is delighted to announce it’s commercial and development partnership with US biotechnology company, RPS Diagnostics. In a joint Press Announcement, the companies have shared plans to create next generation FebriDx® tests that are anticipated to transform the diagnosis of febrile acute respiratory infections (ARI) at the point-of-care.

Acute respiratory infections are often highly contagious and more than half of all antibiotics are prescribed for outpatients with these infections. Due to overlapping symptoms and signs, traditionally it has been extremely challenging for physicians to differentiate between viral and bacterial causes of infection during an office visit. Both diagnostic uncertainty and patient or parent pressures for antibiotic prescriptions lead to 50% of antibiotic prescriptions for ARIs being unnecessary.

In a recent study in the United Kingdom, FebriDx was shown to alter clinical management decisions in 48% of patients tested, and to reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions by 80%. By enabling a rapid diagnosis at the office visit, the FebriDx test can help to limit the amount of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions that may lead to avoidable adverse reactions and antibiotic resistance, resulting in significantly lower costs.

The commercially available, qualitative FebriDx test will now utilize Atomo Diagnostics’ all-in-one rapid diagnostic test platform to help prevent user-related errors and improve test performance, making it easy for untrained healthcare providers to perform the test.  As such, this new partnership will support further expansion into resource limited regions.

“We believe that rapid viral versus bacterial differentiation is a critical need. We considered a variety of potential partnership opportunities in this area, and believe that FebriDx is the best positioned technology to achieve the greatest impact,” said John Kelly, CEO of Atomo Diagnostics. “This exciting new partnership with RPS Diagnostics presents new opportunities for both parties and will further support Atomo’s long-term expansion plans.”

In addition, RPS and Atomo have commenced development of an enhanced digital single use, disposable version of the test. The digital FebriDx test is planned for U.S. FDA clinical trials.

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