OEM Feature: NG Biotech Case Study

From its impressive and newly expanded manufacturing plant close to the beautiful village of Guipry in northwest France, NG Biotech is rapidly scaling-up production to meet growing demand for its innovative products. The village setting is in stark contrast to the cutting-edge nature of NG Biotech’s technologies which include multiplex assays and mHealth interfaces used in biodefense diagnostics as well as human and animal health diagnostics. In a recent interview, we spoke to CEO of NG Biotech, Milovan Stankov Pugès, about his decision to partner with Atomo Diagnostics to bring a disruptive new product to market…

An ambitious company intent on being a global leader in its field, NG Biotech had identified a game-changing growth opportunity for its blood-based pregnancy rapid diagnostic test (RDT): disruption of both the professional use market and the rapidly expanding over-the-counter (OTC) market. Having developed a lab-accurate lateral flow test strip, the company went in search of a design partner with innovative and proven products that would help them create a best-in-class medical device for use in both point-of-care (POC) and home-testing settings.

NG Biotech first approached Atomo Diagnostics to discuss its requirements at the Medica trade fair, held in Dusseldorf, Germany, in November 2015. Just 12 busy months later at the 2016 event, NG was able to unveil the world’s first fully-integrated blood-based rapid diagnostic test for pregnancy: NG-Test® Blood Precision hCG.

During the interview, Milovan Stankov Pugès, CEO of NG Biotech, revealed what had first attracted him to partnering with Atomo:

 “We value how Atomo is committed to designing products that work to eliminate user errors. We knew that this would be vital if this project was to attract professional users who need to improve patient outcomes, and to attract OTC home-test customers who currently have no choice but urine based pregnancy tests which have some limitations.” Milovan Stankov Pugès, CEO, NG Biotech

He explains the market opportunity:

“We know that more than 20 million hCG tests are performed annually in Emergency Rooms across the US and Europe. This is a sizeable market for the NG-Test® Blood Precision hCG, and this doesn’t take into account the total number of tests used by healthcare professionals at GP surgeries, in IVF clinics, or in first response situations.”

The commercial opportunity doesn’t stop there, he continues:

“The user-centred design that we have achieved with this product – as a result of our collaboration with Atomo – also makes this product ideal for OTC markets and self-testing. We are confident that it will be well received by customers wanting a highly accurate home test.”

Giving a reliable result in just 5 minutes, NG-Test® Blood Precision hCG combines the highly accurate test strip developed by NG Biotech with an easy-to-use medical device designed by Atomo Diagnostics: the innovative AtomoRapid™ ‘Pascal’ platform.

Incorporating multiple features to make testing easier and more convenient, including an integrated safety lancet and unique blood collection and delivery mechanism, the device platform is also the first in the world to have a built-in buffer delivery system. The competitive advantages presented by this commitment to usability was a key driver for the partnership with Atomo, Stankov Pugès explains:

“As a young, dynamic and innovative company, we were looking to achieve a rapid route to market. Atomo Diagnostics and NG Biotech are similar in this respect. Atomo’s track record in award-winning design and manufacturing meant that we were confident in its development capabilities right from the start. The supportive and collaborative partnership that has evolved has fed our desire to plan more projects together. We are already discussing new RDT projects for cardiology and infectious diseases.”

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