OEM Partner NG Biotech Unveils Next Generation Integrated hCG Blood Pregnancy Test

Atomo Diagnostics is delighted to announce that we have been working with French biotechnology company, NG Biotech, to develop the world’s first fully-integrated blood-based rapid test for detection of hCG levels in pregnancy. The new product, NG-Test® Blood Precision hCG, will be unveiled this month by NG Biotech at Medica 2016 and will be launched commercially early in 2017.

Delivering highly accurate results in just 5 minutes, the NG-Test® Blood Precision hCG will be available for use throughout Europe and, thereafter, regulatory approval will be sought for commercialization in the US. Additionally, because of its unmatched usability, NG Biotech intends to seek regulatory approval for an OTC version for lay users. This will give women the ability to test for pregnancy at an early stage, with the greater convenience and precision offered by painless blood-based testing. Requiring only a small blood sample of 10uL collected easily and comfortably from the fingertip, the test will deliver a highly accurate result at any time of day, in contrast to urine tests that have to be used with the first morning urine for utmost accuracy in early stage pregnancy.

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