Showcasing AtomoRapid at International AIDS Conference

Atomo Diagnostics will be exhibiting at the 21st International AIDS Conference held in Durban, South Africa later this month (18 to 22 July).

The conference, also known as AIDS 2016, is the world’s largest gathering of policy makers, healthcare service providers, not-for-profit groups and individuals seeking to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Held annually, it typically attracts in excess of 18,000 delegates from all over the world.

On stand #229, the Atomo team will be showcasing AtomoRapid™ HIV (1&2) – the world’s first lateral flow rapid HIV test that integrates the test components into a single, easy to use and affordable device.

The innovative design of the test has been recognised internationally and the product has won several prestigious awards, including ‘Best in Show’ at the Medical Design Excellent Awards, 2014.

Atomo Diagnostics’ Group Chief Executive Officer, John Kelly, said, “We are proud to support the goals of AIDS 2016. Atomo is committed to supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS. It remains the case that there are major unmet medical needs globally for rapid, affordable, easy-to-use and accurate tests. The ability to screen accurately for HIV is crucial in determining the appropriate care and support for HIV positive adults and children.”

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