Strategic Partnership with Mylan NV Announced Today

Today, Atomo Diagnostics was announced as a strategic partner to Mylan N.V. as part of the global pharmaceutical company’s plans to commercialize CE-Marked in vitro HIV rapid diagnostic tests for self-testing in low- and middle-income countries.

The self-tests, which use the innovative AtomoRapid platform, will allow individuals to confidently screen themselves in the privacy of their own homes with a device engineered for simplicity and accuracy. The tests are designed to detect the presence or absence of HIV antibodies in a single drop of blood obtained from a fingertip. Results are delivered in just 15 minutes, which is essential for access to early treatment and care.

Founder and CEO of Atomo Diagnostics John Kelly said of the partnership:

“We are delighted that our innovative HIV self-tests have been chosen by Mylan, the global health leader in HIV treatment and the largest supplier of ARVs. This strategic partnership will mean that the products designed by Atomo can be introduced to more than 100 countries, so that millions of people will have access to award-winning rapid tests.  We believe that Mylan is the ideal partner to ensure that our HIV self-test products have maximum impact in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

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