Supplementary IPO Prospectus Issued in Response to Multiple COVID-19 Rapid Blood Test Requests

Today, Atomo Diagnostics announced it was working with potential OEM customers to develop rapid self-tests for COVID-19 that could deliver results to patients in as little as 15 minutes, and be deployed in the field without the need for expensive laboratory equipment or extensive clinical expertise.

These newly developed coronavirus blood tests would be integrated with Atomo’s existing rapid diagnostic test (RDT) devices which are currently used to deliver rapid blood testing and self-testing for a range of applications including HIV screening and differentiating between viral and bacterial upper respiratory infections. The Atomo HIV Self-Test is the only rapid blood test to have been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use as a self-test, as well as being prequalified by the World Health Organisation.

Atomo Diagnostics founder and CEO John Kelly said, “In the past few weeks we have received urgent inbound enquiries from several diagnostic companies based in Europe, the USA and China that have recently developed blood-based rapid antibody tests for COVID-19. These parties are eager to move quickly to evaluate the potential for COVID-19 self-tests to be commercialised by utilising Atomo’s proven self-test devices. Discussions have already progressed to preliminary documentation with two of the parties, and technical and commercial engagement is ongoing…”

The Company has today (Tuesday 17 March 2020) issued a Supplementary Prospectus to its initial public offering, detailing these commercial and technical discussions with global diagnostic companies seeking to access its rapid test devices as a platform for their own blood-based COVID-19 tests.  

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